The contagious sound of living in joy

Switch Supper Club

A private party, a celebration, a special toast...

In addition to hosting stage parties and entertainment with the best DJs and musicians, the Switch Supper Club stage can be just yours, partially or in full. In a cosmopolitan space, unique in Luanda, you can have the privilege of hosting a grand, unforgettable party.

Whether to host a corporate event, the launch a project or a brand, your birthday or a bachelor party, the Switch has all the conditions to make this a successful, memorable and unrepeatable event.

The lights flood the space with happiness, the gastronomy sharpens the palate paired with the best selection of drinks and the vibrant sound takes the dance floor and lets us celebrate life.

In the end, you’ll leave with the memory of a night very well spent. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere or a more discreet celebration, dine and book a VIP table at the Switch and make the party to your liking.

For more information and reservations, please contact us via email: