Get lost in this immense dream

The best of Luanda so close!

Luanda is synonymous with earth, culture and history. It’s a world full of unique scents and flavours. Feel the heat of Africa and witness the magic of Luanda!

Main monuments

  • São Miguel Fortress
  • S. Pedro da Barra Fortress
  • Natural History Museum
  • Remédios Cathedral
  • Slavery Museum 

 Natural landscapes and places

  • Liberdade Park
  • Quissama National Park
  • Lua Viewpoint
  • Mouth of the Kwanza River
  • Ledo Cape
  • Cabo Island
  • Mussulo
  • Barra do Dande



In addition to the traditional local markets, where you can buy, among other things, Angolan crafts, you can also visit the Belas Shopping, located in one of the noblest areas of the city (Belas), Avenida and Talatona shopping malls, both located in Talatona.


Sun / Relax / Rest

Spend a stress-free day on the famous Mussulo Island, a true oasis in the heart of Africa, with long sand dunes and warm waters. Cabo Island’s terraced beaches are within a short walking distance. Another small paradise awaits you one hour and a half away at Ledo Cape.


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